Useful Things To Do At Home Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

Here is but a simplified list of things you would mind doing while staying at home and while in the middle of the current pandemic situation.

Observe cleanliness and sanitation

First thing to keep in mind is to maintain the required level of cleanliness at home. Doctors said that washing hands with soap and water is the most effective method to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19.


Some sort of stretching and stuff could help you in at least two things: 1) maintain shape, and 2) kill time. Trust this is just one of your regular routine on regular days so just maintain the same. COVID-19 should not be your primary reason to push yourself to do exercise.

Keep in touch with family & friends

Use all possible medium of communication to be with family and friends – thanks to technology and social media. This as well is an easy way to keep reminding them (and all people) and guiding them to stay safe.

Invade your kitchen

You might not even know you have ‘Chef-ish” dish everyone in your home haven’t had a chance to taste. Try visiting your kitchen again and think about some foodies you want to fire up. Note that there are plenty of recipes available online when you need them.

Play games or watch movies

Another useful thing to do is to just open up your gaming gear, play around or watch movies. Likewise, this help you have a good family bonding. This is just one of those fun things to do but you do not really notice that you are helping our Frontliners a lot.

Read and watch updates online

Keep updated on what is going on outside and the world by exploring into all possible sources. Use either your mobile phone, tablet, or TV perhaps you have most of them (if not all).

Help the needy (when able)

There is nothing more fulfilling in life than the opportunity to extend your hand especially to those who needed most of your help. This is the time when you should not look into colors and status of life.

Learn Photography

How about taking your best shots with lots of subjects you could actually point into. Grab your photo gear or you can even use your smartphones. Let your creative mind work for a moment and let that moment freeze and save ‘for future reference’.

Have other useful ideas to stop boredom while staying at home and fight Coronavirus? Would love to see your comments.

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