How to type faster without looking at the keyboard

A simplified typing guide on how to type faster and help answer the questions people are asking about the proper technique to improve typing skills.

“Not just your middle finger! Put them all!”

Know the placements

Following the figure below, take note of the colors and from there, it would be easier for you to remember the keys. Your fingers have their specific keys and so try to be strict by matching exactly and specifically. Set aside your smartphone for a moment.

Image credit: Vanderbilt University

Practice typing

Slowly but surely. You do not need to make it faster this time or if u can, make sure that you are pressing the right key. Practicing daily can help your typing improve faster and better. You may use articles from a newspaper or magazine or get some paragraphs online.

“Put practice in your daily dose and it will make you type better”

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Be patient

Your first practices might not make it as expected but just be patient; somehow you will not notice it but you may have improved and you unlocked your typing speed to the next level.

Patience is more than simply learning to wait. It is having learned what is worth your time.

Learn a single tip

Feel the bumps. The typical keyboard has bumps on the following keys: F, J and 5. So even without looking at the keys, just feel them and once you find them, your fingers can be easily put in place.

That’s it. Hope it helped 🙂

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