Earn Online as an Affiliate Marketer in 2 Simple Steps

(1) Create Facebook Page

Might as well, you already have your own Facebook Page with hundreds or thousands (or more) followers and/or you already started to earn online.  Add more to it! You are one step ahead!

For those who does not have yet, click here to start building your Facebook page.  Suggest to complete the information required so as to make your page visible with more chance of getting followed.  Once completed, you may start inviting your friends to like (and follow) and build your audience.  Depending on the type your page is, it would be typical to post interesting stuff on a regular basis (Daily? Weekly? – your call) so to keep your audience active.

Setup a website or blog (added advantage but optional)

If you have existing website or blog, it would be an advantage as you have the niche and visible to millions of Google users around the world. 

If you do not have, it is just fine and you can proceed to the next step.  But just in case you want to create your own website before applying for an affiliate account, build your website through WordPress or Bluehost.

(2) Create an Affiliate Account

This is the reason why we have suggested to first make at least a Facebook page.  You need a platform where you will be doing your business. Now that you are applying for and in the process of creating an affiliate account, you already have the platform, then it would be easy for you to promote the products of your (or your followers’) interest.  The more people notice your product online, the more the chance of closing a sale.

Creating an affiliate account is entirely FREE!  And please note that this is not in any way related to those individuals or group of people offering for earnings that are too-good-to-be-true, and asks for money upfront, etc. with tons of promises and oftentimes end you up with inviting and recruiting people.  Then you realize it was not your forte.

With affiliate marketing, you earn online by promoting products through your platforms without the need to invite people to join.

Below is our recommended affiliate sites and you may get an account on either or both of them:


Ensure to completely provide the needed information for you to get your affiliate account or ID.

Now, when you already have created your affiliate account, you have your affiliate ID – CONGRATULATIONS!  You are now an affiliate marketer.  Actually, being an affiliate marketer is an easy task where you can do your work without a boss, you own your time and even get higher pay. 

As an affiliate marketer, you are promoting and selling products without 1) the products in your hand 2) renting a warehouse and 3) the need of a shipping company.  Work on your links and let your links do business for you.

Overview on how affiliates earn online

Identify products you want to promote – if you think you can sell electronics products like Mobile phones, then go for it.  And besides, you also have to consider what your audience need.

Create an affiliate link – this helps advertisers in tracking your sales.  Go to Tools provided by your chosen affiliate network.

Promote using the affiliate link – Post with the links and when someone clicks and buy the product, your commission gets straight to your bank or Paypal. 

Guidelines on posting your affiliate links (and all other) can be found in your Dashboard so ensure to check and follow.

Depending on how you promote your products, some advertisers not only give links.  They also provide you with Discount Coupons and is even more catchy to customers.

We hope that we have helped you in a most simple way the same way someone has helped us start a new life.  If you need help, email us at info@mikqs.com.

Mike Dy

Mike flaunts in a blue OZtrail Hiking Backpack and rocks with a bunch of mountaineers and explorers out of the box. He started to like tech blogging so he followed Ashish Kumar under the hood.

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